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UMBC’s Pi Squared facility is a Mechdyne ARC display (a partial CAVE2) consisting of:

  • a six-by-four grid of thin-bezel, 3D 1080p monitors
  • an Advance Realtime Tracking (ART) system
  • a dedicated computing cluster, with four NVIDIA Quadro m5000 cards driving the 24 monitors

Pi Squared is located in room 201B of the Information Technology and Engineering (ITE) building. The initial purchase of the system was made possible with the support of an Major Research Instrumentation grant from the National Science Foundation (Award #1531491). Further activities in the facility have been made possible by the generous support of the Next Century Corporation.

In addition to the Pi Squared display wall, ITE 201B also includes:

  • a wireless Vive Pro system coupled with syGlass scientific visualization software, enabling an exciting array of projects which depend on VR-based analysis of scientific datasets. This facility is connected to ongoing work in computer vision (image segmentation, etc.)
  • a Looking Glass “holographic” display, with ongoing projects related both to this display technology itself and to its application to scientific domains (microscopy, etc.)

All equipment in ITE 201B is intended for use by the UMBC research community. Limited user support is freely available; additional support may be possible if costs are covered and schedules allow.